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Our Mission

  • To revolutionize customer care approach in IT by understanding client needs and offering customized, innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • To produce IT solutions for the global market by fostering and nurturing competitive spirit.

Our Team

Vitaliy Polotskiy

Vitaliy Polotskiy

Software Developer

We have a team of professionals for developing the software as per customer’s needs. This team is headed by our senior software developer who diligently represents the team and handles every task that comes up. It is a quite responsible job to do and hence our team leaves no stone unturned to complete the assigned task.

Alexander Rzhanov

Alexander Rzhanov

System & Network Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Transformation services provide the relevant strategy, blueprints, assessment tools, road maps and operating models to plan these transformations, as well as comprehensive and industrialized services to manage the change. The product line provides an impressive range of servers, cloud & data center solutions

Jellie Liao

Jellie Liao

Web Developer

The World Wide Web applications are not at rest now a day. Hence we are also not at rest till the web development work is not completed. Yes, our team of web developers provides excellent service to the client by complying with the web development tools, sometimes supporting the distributed network.


Website Development

We use the latest technologies to design and develop a website. The most recent one being the Bootstrap 3, we deliver the best website by utilizing the bootstrap approach in a creative manner. Every detail is focussed and tested to develop user-friendly website by looking into all the components of the user interface. On every web design, innovation is supported and exercised on the same.

Customized Software Development

For a particular user customised software is used. A strong foundation is being required for a customised software development. We always provide the required benefits for such development. The changes which come up to the system are also safeguarded keeping the business requirements in view.

IT Infrastructure

Our range of services, you'll discover how to simplify your IT infrastructure and enhance your operating model with advanced networking technologies, improved IT assets and capacity management, more responsive disaster-recovery plans and foolproof information security and privacy.

What We Provide

Server, Desktop, Notebook and Workstation

We support the orders and supplies of the hardware products related to the IT industry such as the server, desktop, notebook, workstation, etc. We provide IT accessories to all firms whether small or big with a reasonable price tag.

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